reflections from the road: all that gear

I’ve decided to do a “series” of sorts where I can lay down some things as they come to mind.  Or stories or whatever that don’t necessarily fit the flow of my “oh, so I did all of this and that and then THIS happened, OMG!”  I don’t really talk like that - I hope you guys know that by now, at least.  But, anyway.  Observations and whatnot.

Now that I’ve stayed in three campgrounds, it dawned on me that it is fucking crazy how trusting everyone is in a camp setting.  Folks leave all of their stuff out and then head out for hours at a time, never blinking an eye that it won’t be there when they return.  This realization blew my mind when I first put two and two together.  In all my years of camping, it’s never occurred to me to put stuff away, so it’s not like I’m this girl from the city who breaks camp every time I decide to hit a trail.  It’s just come naturally because, well, that’s what my folks did when we went camping.  But, if you stop and think about it, given this day and age, it’s nuts.  The 24-hour news cycle would have us think that people are ready to steal your shit the moment you put a little trust in humanity and let them.  I’ve never been one to believe anything the news tells me, but I don’t think I’m the rule, but rather the exception.  Yet, here we all are, in the woods or the beach or the wherever, leaving our gear, some of it expensive, but all of it a pain in the ass to replace, out in the open and, in our hearts, trusting that it will be there when we’re back.  Obviously, there are people watching out and if someone is creeping around, in theory, a fellow camper would likely say something.  I’m sure that keeps things in check to some extent, but regardless, there’s this unspoken rule of good here.  And, damn, isn’t that amazing?  I have a feeling there is that same unspoken rule of good in many more places than the campgrounds of America.  I knew I would find “goodness” in all kinds of unexpected places on this trip, but, maybe like with homesickness, the first one is always the most difficult to grapple with.