Well, Hey!

In 2015, after making Brooklyn home for the better part of a decade, I said goodbye and hit the road for five months, exploring 20,000 miles of America's highways, byways, and tiny back roads.  I landed in Austin in November of 2015 and made a life there until just recently, when I packed Rosie (my RAV4) up in June 2017 to head West and explore what I didn't get to see the last time around.

I'm looking to make new friends, share stories and bourbons, find the best (hopefully mostly always free) campgrounds, hike the trails, locate those hot springs gems, explore the secret places, and capture it all with my camera.

What all shakes out at the end of this is a big mystery, which is equal parts exciting and terrifying.  For now, I am happy to not have an agenda, let the road take me where it does, and hopefully put a few good stories in my back pocket along the way.